Friday, August 3, 2012

Tara Osipoff: Inspired by art

By Ashley Martin

Tara Osipoff is drawn to fashion as an art form.

"A lot of people don’t realize how different arts, everything from architecture to paintings and poetry, influence fashion," said the 25-year-old, who recently launched a blog ( illustrate just that. She collaborates with stylists, models and a photographer to emphasize that fashion is all about "feeling good about yourself" and "expressing yourself creatively."

Osipoff counts her style influences as Patti Smith, Tim Burton and Alexander McQueen, whose designs “look like they’re art on a body.”

She hopes to one day work in fashion and come November, she may get the chance: Osipoff is heading to Australia to intern at ACP Magazines, which publishes some major fashion titles. For now, she’s content with her blog, Life is Beautiful, Dress Accordingly — a sentiment that resonates wholeheartedly with her. “I’m an extremely positive person and I think people should be so grateful for every single day and dress to show how happy they are.”

1. NECKLACE: “It’s an angel wing for my brother. My brother loved grunge music and his style was really, really alternative so I like to keep a little bit of him with my day-to-day style as well. He was wonderful; he unfortunately passed away a few years ago.”

2. SHIRT: Reverse from Uforia. “It reminded me of Tim Burton and Alexander McQueen with the skull cut-outs, which is definitely something they would go for.”

3. BLAZER: Just Friends from a shop in Banff.

4. WATCH: Nixon from Spare Parts.

5. PANTS: American Apparel.

6. SHOES: Rhoda’s Elegance Again. “I love to go there and find pieces people threw away or don’t want anymore.”

(from QC Aug. 2, 2012. Photo by Bryan Schlosser)